Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Linen Chair Cover/Great Tag Sale Find - $2

If you've followed my blog for any time at all then you've probably noticed I have painted almost all (well actually it is ALL!) the furniture in my home white.  Cottage White from Behr (Home Depot) to be exact!  If the truth be known I'm loving painted furniture more than ever.  Every once in a while someone will say to me "I can't believe you painted that!"  My response is always the same "I love to paint things for my home and I will never stop doing it!"  It's my personal belief that white is very easy to take care of and if something truly terrible happens to something I love then I just get my paint out and touch the 'damage' up with a quick swipe of my paint brush!
(humm...needs a bit of pressing!)

This morning I was able to step back a bit and really savor the hard work my guy has put in over the past twenty four to thirty six months inside our La Chaumière de Briarwood.  We've wanted wood flooring for so long now, but so much had to be done before they could even be dreamed about...  Even our kitchen remodel was put on hold as we planned in advance the changes that first needed to take place.  When you do most of the work yourself one can't just snap their fingers and have it done.  Our kitchen is truly outdated and more than a tad bit dysfunctional.  Typical galley-style kitchen of the 1970's one could say...

Changes take time when you do nearly all the work yourself!

And they take money!  Lots of money!

Over the weekend my guy and I took some time off from our home-projects and did a little bit of junking!  My two favorite finds of the day were a stack of four vintage Victoria Magazines (I had all but one) for $3 and a Victoria Coffee Table Book for $2.

Next came the linen chair cover you see above for $2.  I've made covers before for my formal dining room and love how they came out.  But...they were a lot more detailed and so I'm going to use this one for a pattern for the chairs in our breakfast room (the French ones you see above).  The cover wasn't custom-made but came from China...  The original tag was on it, too!  ($79...yeah...that's what I said!)  Tomorrow or Friday I'm going to hunt down some linen and set about making covers for all the chairs...such fun!

Now...sometime back I snagged this great pair of antique wall lights/sconces for $5 (for both)! I never had my guy hang them because they needed to be hard-wired and I couldn't decide where I wanted them to go!

Well...now that the wall is out I finally have a place for them!  Once the door opening is framed out they will look perfectly lovely up near the accent molding you see above...  Maybe over a vintage mirror or picture???  Yummm!

Isn't this a sweet cabinet?  Loving the whites!

Here's another shot in the book I just love...

Hope your day is wonderful!  I'm off to look around blogland for a bit and then will be back in my
A Gathering Place Studio

Love to you...


Marilyn said...

$79..you are funny. Glad you had a great time, but I really wish you both had been working on your house so I could see more. (I really do understand the need for a change, though!) It's just that you have so many good ideas popping out all over. I try really hard to be patient and kind.♥♫

Jill said...

I love your finds! They are perfect for your gorgeous home!

Sherri B. said...

The Mr. and I love to go junking together also but usually don't find those great deals, Wow! - We have a galley-style kitchen at the City House and, like you, will be doing the work ourselves but money and the long distance from the Little House, make it a far off dream...I must have patience..sometimes not easy. I appreciate that you are sharing your experience with us! xo

NanaDiana said...

I have been having this ongoing coversation with myself about painting furniture white. I don't know why I am so hesitant. I KNOW I can't do the dining room set because MyHero would collapse in a bundle at my feet and die of a heart attack (he picked it out for this house)...but there are some other pieces that I can, and need to, paint.

$79! Imagine! I am SOOO anxious for your room(s) to be completed. Love to you, sweet Rebecca~ xo Diana

Mari said...

Rebecca sweetie, I do have to go shopping with ya, you do find the most beautiful items ;)


Dolores said...

Wow, it's so exciting to see the wall gone....your home is so beautiful and even getting more open and beautiful!

You're a great shopper, you always find the neatest bargains.

Barbara Jean said...

Just came by to say a quick hi.
No time to read post today, but sure enjoyed pics.

blessings sweet lady.

barbara jean

Jocelyne said...

We love to go junkin' too. I just want you to know that I mentioned you in my blog again. Can't help it ~ I love your blog, your home, your taste in decor ~ I hope you won't think I'm a stocker!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Rebecca,

Yup, with a little bit of pressing your seat cover will be PERFECT. So happy for your progress, with patience (YES!) we all get to where we want to get. And all the hard work will soon be forgotten and the rewards are so big for doing it yourself.
Love to you,


Debby said...

Hi,Becky!! As it seems that you don't receive my mails, I write you from here ^_- I've sent you payment yesterday,hope you've seen it !! Hugs,Debby

Mouse said...

oooo like your seat cover ... not practical here atm with Bentley ... i would love a shaker white kitchen instead of the dark wood one we inherited with the house .. one day I will be armed and dangerous with a paint brush too ..lol :) love the writing desk cabinet tooooo *sigh bad for me coming on here heheheheh you enable sooo much ..lol :) love mouse xxxxx

Theresa said...

Beautiful! Love the seat covers and I know you will be able to use them as a pattern and make MORE pretties! Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Rebecca I love white too and am in the process of painting a lot of my home furnishings white as well.
I read somewhere that if you have a number of mismatched pieces then painting them white pulls it all together, so I think it's a brilliant idea! Plus you can change out the accessories seasonally and freshen up the look instantly! What's not to love?
Tina xo

Jen said...

Wish my guy would agree to painted furniture....after all these years at the mention of painting wood I get that same "are you serious look" - how could I possibility want to paint a perfectly good wood piece! Oh well, I can admire yours! lol


Candylei said...

I love white furniture too! I like the pleats on the chair cover. What a great find !!

stefanie said...

don't ever stop painting....everything is gorgeous!!!!

Cheryl said...

HI Rebecca, we have a house!!!! it has very little in it, just a bit of kitchen stuff and a very old couch and a bed. We went looking yesterday for another chair and found an old rocking chair - I want to paint it white or distresses with white at least?? Love looking at your house it gives me such hope!!
Hugs Cxxx

PattieJ said...

Just found your blog! I LOVE your White dining set! I want to find a nice vintage set and paint it white too.. But I haven't found just the right one yet.... and love the seat cover too, so cute!! I love white woodwork and furniture! I think everything looks better painted white!! You could take the oldest ugliest thing and paint it white and it looks gorgeous! Just my opinion... lol

Anonymous said...

You have such fabulous tag sales in your area. Ours are weak at best. We do have a couple of Booth malls which are worthy of constant visits so as not to miss anything but let me tell you, I could easily go broke in that place. Almost my entire home is filled with items from said mall. I have sworn it off until we are 100% debt free. We are not far thank goodness, I'm beginning to get the shakes from not visiting. Huggers.

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