Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~~~~~~SUCH A FINE FEATHERED NEST~~~~~~ And Other Sweet News


A couple of days ago I drove to Oklahoma City (about 10 miles from where I live) to visit a fabulous shoppe called FEATHERED NEST MARKET!  When my big sister, Linda, was here a few weeks ago we stumbled upon it while we were out junking and slumming.  The Antique/Gift Mall type store is an AMAZING place to shop and we found it filled with truly neat looking stuff.  I loved it and couldn't wait to go back...

And so...while I waited for the primer (ZINSSER 123) to dry on the antique table I yapped about on Monday I decided to brave the 110 degree temps in hopes of snagging some good finds.  I planned on stopping at our local Good Will Store and also another thrift store along the way...

(Behr's Cottage White Paint)

I have YET to decide what to paint on this table (if anything)!  Until I do it will stay just as it is...
Still thinking!
(Medium Distressing...Love That!)

I found some neat things Thrift Store #1!  A fabulous old hat filled with vintage millinery flowers (wowzers to that!)...

Two sweet brass baskets that I promptly painted with Valspar's Churchill Vanilla (Lowe's) and a neat little wire mesh shoe!

Also snagged this crazy-wonderful old lamp for $4.99!  Looks great now...but before you get too excited about the incredibly low price let me tell you this...

Even though the entire lamp was in wonderful condition (no chips, breaks or cracks, etc.) it WAS covered with flecks of this blueish type paint.  I promise looked like someone tried to make the roses and leaves blue or something!  Totally tacky and crummy looking, too!

Here is a picture of the cord that I whacked off (needed to be rewired anyway!)...

Anyway...I was pretty sure I could get the paint off and since it was less than five bucks I wasn't too scared about a disappointing outcome...

Come to find out it was not even paint.  More like a foam colorant or something because the stuff easily washed off with soap and water...  So...the lamp was a great score after all!  Not sure what kind of shade I want to make for it...something tattered though and totally chic! :)

At Thrift Store #2 I found only these wonderful R. Lauren Napkins.  Twelve for $12.12 or $1.00 each.  Kinda pricey for a thrift store in my opinion but since they had the original tags on them ($3.95) I opted to bring them home with me.  Discounted price at SteinMart would still have cost me almost $50.  Great savings!
Fabulous Vintage Coffee Table find of the day came from the Feathered Nest Market.  I snagged this incredible coffee table for my family room.  We just ordered new hand-scraped wood floors today and so by Thanksgiving this little beauty will be sitting on the flooring of my dreams.  This has been a decade (or longer) idea in the making!  

I'm too excited to speak!

My Mr. AGPMan is off studying so I'm headed to my studio to paint...and paint...and paint!  New pretties coming soon...all those signs I told you about and more...

Hope your hump-day was wonderful!

Love to you~


Victorian1885 said...

Wow you did great with the treasure hunt! Can't wait to see would you do next.. I am hoping it cools down a little for your comfort. Take care my friend!


Shirley said...

Hi Rebecca, I just got home from spending the day in the city with hubby and decided I needed a little me time. I am visiting as many of friends as possible this evening. I like the dining room table and can't wait to see your new hardwood floor. I, also, like your other table that you painted. I think I would leave it the way you have it. We had a cooler day today for which I was thankful for. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Mona Kay Gorman said...

What awesome finds you scored! Gorgeous!!


The lamp is so pretty and how great that the blue didn't stay! Nice painting on the tables!
Happy hump day to you!
deb :)

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Wow, I'd say you scored girl! And your table makeover is fabulous!! I'll be hitting one of our local Goodwill stores tomorrow, and hopefully I'll find something waiting to take home with me :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Great finds Rebecca and you've jumped right in to fixing and painting the stuff already!
The lamp is nice and I look forward to seeing it finished with your lampshade.
Treasure hunting is such fun. When I go, I don't even care if I buy something, just like looking...and touching.

Deanna said...

beautiful tables!!!!
so like your decorating!!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

fabulous goodies, yea on the lamp, I was not sure how that was going to turn out!! I have a lamp just like that sitting on my bedside table a garage sale find. Oh, maybe you know this, but I just read it. I am always rewiring lamps and those lamp kits are so expensive now I use extension cords I find for .25 at thrift stores...wonderful savings!! I'm probably the last to know this!


joanne said...

you found some wonderful, I need to get out junkin' again, I'm going through withdrawals! Happy day to you too.

Anonymous said...

You always manage to find THE neatest things when you go "junkin"
I love that little wire shoe...I hope it makes it's way to your shop!! :0) The table you were working on turned out lovely and I am sure the coffee table will, too!
I'm not sure I am familiar with the
kind of wood flooring you are having put it, but ANY wood floor-
ing has my vote!! I lov'em!!
You have a "happy hump day" too, sweetie.....Love, Francy

Theresa said...

SWEET finds! I love the lamp and the table is pretty just like it is:) BUT, you will make it even more beautiful! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Marilyn said...

The lamp looks like something my aunt would have had. She and I love(d) anything pink. And your table...looks great...even tho' you painted in the heat! I am impressed.♥♫

Carol said...

Hi Rebecca

Your "finds" never cease to amaze me. I am particularly loving the lamp w/ roses you snagged. Now that is a real beauty & will fit in nicely with your scheme of things.

Isn't the heat horrid????

Carol back from
Good 'Ol Crane Minnesota

Landbohaven said...

Gode billeder.
Smukke gamle ting du har fået fat på.
Vi har handlet med genbrug/antik i mange år. De er gemt væk for tiden, men jeg håber på at få gang i handelien igen. Lige nu sælger vi havefigurer i beton.
Tak for kigget.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca, love your blog! And just notice you live in Edmond also. Serendipity Market on Danforth Rd is the one you might want to go to have fun!

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