Saturday, January 2, 2010

~ROMANITC VINTAGE CHANDELIER - Shabby Chic Lighting At It's Best~


Happy New Year to all of you on this BEAUTIFUL FRESH WINTER DAY! It's going to be a GREAT DECADE! I just know it! I am happy to see you again and I'm excited about the days ahead!

Are you ready to be inspired?

Good! Read on!

While my Mr. AGPMan has been busy watching FOOLBALL FOOTBALL :) today (he does deserve a BREAK now and then!!!) I've been head-deep in organizing a ton of photos I snapped just before and after Christmas 2009. With our holiday decorations packed away for another year I feel like things are getting back to normal around here!

Time to breathe again!

Do you remember a few posts back when I told you about the amazing vintage Chandelier my guy bought me for my birthday?'s time for the reveal!

But first...I've gotta fill you in on the prep details!

Thinking Outside of the Box

Last February I shared with you how I found some amazing wall medallions and how my Mr. AGPMan transformed them into light surrounds for the chandeliers in my home. Above is a photo I snapped of my latest find. I paid only $27.99 for this fabulous scrolly metal beauty! Isn't she gorgeous?

~GREAT PRICE - $27.99~
Compare at $60.00

ROSS has the most amazing things! Sometimes you really have to look in order to find the BEST of their hidden treasures...but I ALWAYS go there and TJ Maxx before I go anyplace else!


Two holes were pre-drilled before painting in order to wire the surround correctly (so says my guy anyway)! :) This is something I know NOTHING ABOUT!! Show these pictures to your lighting person...if they know what they are doing in the first place they'll get it! Trust me!

Brush Painted with Behr Cottage White

Remember last year when I told you about ZINSSER PRIMER? It is my favorite Primer to use although most any Bonding Primer will work. I always paint the underneath side of the surround first. Once dry I flip over and clean up any drips and then finish up with the best creamy white paint ever! It's from Behr, comes pre-mixed and is called COTTAGE WHITE! Yummmmmm.... Just like soft vanilla ice-cream!

Lightly Distressed

I gently distressed the surround but I chose not to antique it with any other treatment! It reminds me of an antique ceiling mount and/or fixture. SQUEAL! I DO DO DO LOVE IT!

By My MR.APMan

My guy has always done all the electrical work and rewiring in our home. It's a good thing. Electricians can cost BIG BUCKS! It is the one place we've really saved money by being Do-It-Yourselfers! Still...if you (or your honey) don't know how to wire the pros. Better off spending the cash than burning down your home!

I Moved OUT of His Way

By this time I was so excited my camera was shaking! :)

Be Still My Heart

I just sat for the longest time and looked at this beauty! I found her on eBay last month and unashamedly BEGGED my guy to buy it for me for my birthday! Since he's always felt bad about me being born so close to Christmas (can get costly, you know!) it's easy to winkle out of him just the PERFECT THING! :) :) :)


Now...if the Chandelier wasn't beautiful enough, the real icing on the crystals (sorry!) is the simple fact she was purchased for just over $200 and that included shipping from Connecticut! :) Any reputable Antique Shoppe would easily have priced this beauty at over $650.

EEK! I love saving all those NICKLES!

Through the winter months I'll be posting even more pictures of our Romantic Dining Room. It's a work in progress! Once our front living area, we've been transforming it into a gathering place (did I say that?) that is large enough for our entire family to dine together. As a formal living space it was truly wasted square footage. Plus, our old dining room was made into a fabulous office for my guy (no, it is not romantic, charming, girly or cottage white)! :)

More photos coming up tomorrow! I'll be showing you snapshots of two vintage china cabinets and sharing with you a charming little story about how good things do come to those who wait...

Blessings to you my friends! I'm so looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you again this year...Rebecca


Terra said...

Your chandelier surround looks like a million bucks with your chandelier.
I am very awestruck by your decorating ideas and carry through, and like you, I do love to save some nickles!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Absolutely breathtaking Rebecca, be still my heart!! I think I stopped breathing for a minute. You and your work are definitely an inspiration!! And don't we love our "handy" men!! Beautiful!!!
Hugs ♥ Teresa

Julie Marie said...

Absolutely stunning Rebecca...I would just sit and take a million photos of it too! xoxo Julie Marie

Lisa & Gerald said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog..Oh wow your blog is so beautiful and Victorian..I going to grab a cuppa and enjoy your blog..Stop by any time..Hugs

Sandra said...

Hi Rebecca. Oh my! I love it! Wow! You have the most beautiful ideas! I love how you transformed that piece and love your chandelier! Have a wonderful New Year, my friend.

bj said...

OMGosh.. this is the most stunning thing I have seen lately. Just beautiful. I am so impressed!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I LOVE this. It reminds me of the antique houses how they would plaster designs on the ceiling. The chandie is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest!

Catherine said...

In the words of my little guys....wowzers!

Blue Creek Home said...

How very impressed I am!!!!
That is the most original thing I have seen in a while. It is absolutely beautiful.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

O.K. it is so beautiful that I am speechless. And you know me well enough that it takes a lot to make ME SPEECHLESS. is georgeous.
xxoo, Sue

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow this turned out really pretty. Great idea and appreciate you sharing it.
Happy New Year

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Over the top DELISH.....I LOVE lucky girlie. One of these days I'm going to get all of ours changed out least that's the plan.

It's such a pleasure chatting with you sweet Rebecca.....what a sweetheart you are.

I'm wishing you and yours all the best this year can bring..........and MORE....


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh Rebecca! If I had that chandelier in my home, I would be crosseyed from staring at the ceiling night and day!!
What dazzling sparkle and shine and the way you designed it is
amazing. If you were to purchase that in a store, I would say at least 800 or 900 big ones.
I love it!


Debra Howard said...

What a cool idea for a ceiling medallion. It turned out gorgeous with that new chandelier. Great job.

Connie said...

Lovely, sweetpea!

Love Bunny??? He's on crutches now from the knee-capping. ;-)

Wrinkles?? Could be why mine aren't so prevalent! Fat. I'm open to botox though should the occasion arise. ;-)

Sooooo glad I give you a chuckle, chickee.

Is Th' Man open to outside jobs? I could use a handyman once in a while and he DOES look good doing that! Hah.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Rebecca!!!!! How gorgeous is THIS??!! I absolutely LOVE this idea girl!! And they look so wonderful very beautiful ~ I've got to try some of that Cottage White paint from Behr, I can tell I will love that shade ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Linda said...

Very Cool Ceiling Medallion!

You have such an eye for beauty.
I loved the music playing on your blog today!

So glad to be following your brings me joy!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Dixie said...

Rebecca... I'd have sat and stared for hours too! Oh my... and what a fantastic repurposing of the wall art... I'm with BJ... "covet"... breathtaking... absolutely breathtaking!

New Year Blessings. Dixie

BECKY said...

That chandy is definitely dreamy, gal!! So glad your hubby was such a doll and gifted you with it!! Great touch with the ceiling medallion!! You have such a lovely way with things!!

Can't wait to see more!
Love n hugs,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

What a totally clever idea..I have seen those a hundred times and never once thought of using one like that.
It's simply GREAT looking.


julie said...

I love this idea. The medallion is fabulous. And the chandelier is gorgous...julie

Tanza said...

Hello my sweet friend ~
Your chandy is gorgeous, stunning, absolutely DIVINE !! Girly, I would be flat out on my back starring upwards at it's sparkle !! It turned out BEAUTIFULLY !! Mr. Stevie does good work !! Kudos to your man !!You always amaze me, NOW, hurry up and shoot pics of those re-done cabinets .. I can't stand the wait !! Have a wonderful evening sweet one ~
Big chandy hugs

Miss Rhea said...

It is SO pretty Rebecca ! What a really neat idea too, you are so creative :) Hubby sure is a keeper :) Hugs :):):)

passion4pink said...

absolutely breathtaking!!!

Lynn B said...

Wow Rebecca, you have fantastic taste, I just love it. I am so inspired by your lovely creations!

cottagepinkperfection said...

In a word, "GORGEOUS." I've never stepped foot into our local Ross store, but I will be, very soon!
Thanks for sharing again! Can't wait for more.

God Bless!

Tristan Robin said...

What a truly beautiful chandelier - you're a lucky girl!

I love the idea of the brass wall mounts being used as chandelier caps ... I am going to start searching those out tomorrow! Thanks for the terrific tip!

Happy New Year - and happy decorating!

Anonymous said...

Oh my the chandelier is gorgeous and the medalion adds the perfect touch! You certainly have an eye for creating the dreamiest decor.

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Rebecca, I cannot wait to see your new dining room transformation. I know it will be simply gorgeous. The Chandelier is just beautiful and your dear hubby did a wonderful job as usual. I hope you have a beautiful 2010, hugs Maureen....

Carol said...

Simply Mahvelous Dahlin... I just think I would have to follow Tanza's lead and lay on the floor looking up at that million dollar beauty. Now that is good therapy :)

I wish Mr. AGPMAN were here working for that "Rent A Husband" company. Girl, I have tons of side jobs I dream about getting started on.
Thanks for your sweet letter the other evening.

Blessings from The Woodlands TX

Jo said...

That chandelier is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You have exactly my taste. Have you ever been to Paris? Oh, goodness, I'm sure you have. You would absolutely love Paris.

You have a gorgeous blog, and I will be back to see more of your wonderful decorating ideas.

Ginger said...

Rebecca what a spectacular chandelier and the ceiling ornament suits it so well. Your hubby should be commended!!! Isn't it nice to have someone who shares in your interest of beautifying your home? I can understand why you sat and soaked up the beauty..... it is sooooo beautiful, be still my heart. Can't wait to see more.


Dolores said...

Sweet Rebecca you are so full of beautiful and creative works of art, and I love the fact that you create beauty without breaking the bank.

Your chandelier is gorgeous, I can't wait to see the dining room!

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

OMG !!! How simply GORGEOUS :) I've told my hubby that I want one of those beautiful chandeliers in our home! Can't wait to see the dining room when it is all finished; I know it will be just wonderful! Guess how I brought in the New Year? With the flu!!! Arghhhh! What a way to start it, hey, lol. Feeling better than I did on Friday, but still not quite myself yet. I am on the road to recovery :) Warmest, Brenda (shabbycatsandroses)

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Oh my goodness, it is Fab-U-LOUS! i LOVE IT!

karen said...

That is so pretty. Gorgeous!!! Nothing else I can say . Except Great Job!

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