Sunday, January 3, 2010

~SHABBY ROMANTIC CHINA CABINET...Cottage Chic Transformation~

Antique Mall Picture
Summer 2009

Last August I shared with you a POST about lots of the amazing finds I found while out doing some secondhand shopping. I fell in love with the vintage china cabinet you see above and wanted it soooo badly. I even snapped a picture of it while it was still in a local antique mall. I had every intention of buying it.... But~the more I mulled it over in my tiny little brain the more OVERPRICED it seemed. The tag read $475.00 and at the time I just couldn't see my way clear to spend almost $500.00 on something that I knew would just SIT UNTOUCHED for months...

And so...sadly I passed purchasing the little beauty and kept my hard earned cash in the bank.

Fast forward to December 10th, 2009.

My hubby and I visited the same Antique Mall while out one day celebrating my birthday. As I turned down the aisle that once held the cabinet I gasped because it was still there... I motioned for my Mr. AGPMan to come close and the price tag read $199.00--- WHAT?

I guess it was marked down because it had been standing in the same place for so long!

Instead of purchasing the china hutch that very minute (STUPID!) I decided to return home and measure for the gazillionth time the space I wanted it to go into. The mall was closing and I figured I'd just call them in the morning and purchase it over the phone...

When I rang the store early the next day I was told the cabinet was SOLD.


I immediately called my Mr. AGPMan and began to WAIL. I went on and on AND ON about how dumb I'd been and how I was NEVER going to learn, etc. Nothing came out of my mouth but words of REGRET over being so silly and dragging my feet for one day too many.

I heard nothing but silence on the other end of the phone...



I bought the cabinet!"

Completely Transformed

The story ended up being funny in the end but at the time it wasn't. My guy had just hung up from talking with the Antique Mall when I called them. They immediately phoned him back and said "Good thing you called so early because a woman just called wanting the cabinet!"

Filled Up With Keepsakes

Now...what I didn't expect was my guy purchasing another smaller china cabinet the very same day. This one had ALSO been in the space since the summer months and was also marked down. The one below was already painted and it was HEAVILY distressed (too much for my taste). It had been sprayed with a paint gun (not the best way to paint furniture in my opinion!) and was too chippy for me. He snagged them both for $333.00 (my guy's a wheeler-dealer)! :)

Good things come to those who wait (just don't be like me and almost wait TOOOOO LONG!)...

Perfect For Holding Extra Treasures

I love the storage area underneath the hutch. Great for holding extra plates and bowls, etc.


I've repainted everything on the cabinet except the front scrolly work. I need Mr. AGPMan to pop out the glass so I can do that and we've been can see what I mean about it being too chippy for me. I like gentle distressing...


Above you see the renovator man himself working on the doorway to the new dining room. He enlarged the opening to accommodate a pair of vintage french doors we found at The RINK (Oklahoma Antique Mall) for $99.00. This was the deal of the YEAR! French Doors are generally very expensive when purchased new (or vintage!).


Shimming the door jam for a PERFECT FIT!


Eventually the doors will be primed and painted. Right now we are just happy to have them installed and the mess cleaned up. Construction during Christmas made things exciting around here! You can see the larger China Cabinet inside...not sure where in the room it's going to end up yet! We still have crown molding to install and the dropped ceiling (sides) still need to be textured, primed and painted!


Hopefully this year we will have hardwood floors installed in this room! Because this space was once a formal living room it is currently carpeted. That WON'T work for my family! Better choice will be a wonderful area rug...

And there you have it! All the things that have kept me and my hubby busy for the past several weeks. Hope you are inspired...

Blessings to you as you make decorating decisions for your own home...Rebecca


Eclectic Chic Style said...

Oh Rebecca, that story is priceless, absolutely PRICELESS!!! I am grinning from ear to ear at you two. They are both lovely you have worked your magic once again girlie girl. You DO inspire! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!
Hugs ♥ Teresa

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca!
I'm so glad you got both pieces! It makes me happy when things like that go to a good home where they are lovingly restored and cared for. Your hubby is a wonderful guy!


Victorian1885 said...

Rebecca they look lovely..I was going to sell my cabinet but think I will try painting it white instead! My Sweetie will think I am nuts painting wood but I will show him your photos of how it will turn out and how can he not is simply stunning! Thank you for all of your home decor ideas..please keep them coming. Blessing to you & yours..


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl you get the best things and how funny and special that your DH bought that for you...I had my eye on a stain glass window I wanted for months and I finally had my Christmas money and called the shop owner to find out it was sold...Well come Christmas morning my Len had bought it for good things do come to those that wait...Many blessings to you my dear friend this coming year...Love those french doors hey I love your whole house girl...I always enjoy my visits here...Thanks for sharing....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

You and your man sure make the perfect couple! He's so sweet to buy you not one but two cabinets!!
The transformations are truly beautiful! Love your french doors.
I can't wait to see the finished room.



Oh Rebecca! I really love both of the cabinets. Just awesome!!! Your dining area is going to look beautiful.

Happy New Year!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca, I was gasping with you when you called and they told you it was sold... something told me though this story would have a happy ending... your Mr. AGP is just wonderful! Both pieces are so beautiful and I am so happy you got them, and at a savings besides! xoxo Julie Marie

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Wow...what a wonderful are one lucky girl!!!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Wow so beautiful.Just love it all..

Katie said...

So sweet that your husband bought the cabinet for you! I would have been freaking out as well. It looks so beautiful now that it's painted. Amazing what a coat of paint (or two) will do. Beautiful!

Rita said...

Hi Rebecca,
great china cabinets and amazing transformtion. How nice and thoughtful of your DH to get them for you. Lucky girl!
Love those doors too.

Carol said...

Once again you had me on the edge of my chair, wondering what the outcome would be. It's time for a really BIG drumroll, & spotlights...Mr. AGPman just has to stand up & take his bow.

The cabinets partner up well together with the scroll work. Betcha you didn't think I would notice..has to be my OCD going on here..

Another 2Die4 transformation !!!

Carol from The Woodlands TX

Linda said...

Rebecca both cabinets are so neat! I loved your story! And that was so sweet of your hubby to buy it for you as a surprise.

I have a room that I call my "Victorian room" and I have a cabinet, a desk, a small bookcase and a couple of bedside tables that would look lovely painted, but I have never summoned up the energy to paint them. But looking at your lovely pieces I am almost persuaded. It would give that room the shabby chic look and brighten things up in there.

The French doors were a great bargain! I love the look of french doors. They look good and after you prime and paint them they will even look prettier.

You have such an eye for beauty. I enjoy your blog so much.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Mr. AGP said...

Now what miss R did not tell you was that the Antique dealer and I were conspiring to let her think that both cabinets has sold and let her sweat it out for about a week. He! He!
However, when she called me, she was crying so hysterically I had to ask myself. Hmmm, do I really want to listen to this for an entire week? (not to mention the predictable mood swing) :-o I am leaning towards NOOO on this one.

So.......I told her they probably said it was sold because I had bought it right when they opened.
BOO HOO HOOOOOOOO....pause. Miss R speaking meekly...What?
I repeated myself. Then...WHATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Insert instant mood swing here)

When I explained to the Antique dealer that I had to tell her he replied, "You dirt dawg". Ha! He was joking of course and said he was certain he would have made the same choice.

So we took both vehicles down the next day and brought them home. Merry Christmas my darling.


Dixie said...

Rebecca.. that hubby of yours is a tresure! does he give husband training classes? LOL... okay.. my Ricky is a doll... but he'd have never bought the cabinet for me... but he'd have picked it up in the truck and brought it into the house... and that's pretty good..

as usual.. you did a beautiful job making it an even better treasure...

blessings. Dixie

The French Bear said...

Haha, Rebecca, you are so funny, they are absolutely wonderful, and the fact that they are painted and full of stuff already makes it cuter!!!
I love the way they look, even the chippy part!
That's a good man you have!
Margaret B

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a guy! I am so happy for you! TWO lovely cabinets! *smile*
What a guy!!!

Catherine said...

You are a very lucky woman to have such a guy! Everything looks great!

karen said...

Wonderful !!! I love this post. I just know he bought it for you as soon as you said it was sold. He is the great. You hit the jackpot with him and the chest.

Dolores said...

Sweet Rebecca, all I can say is that you and your hubby have the sweetest love relationship! This is a wonderful story!

What a buy...... aren't you glad you didn't part with $475.00 originally....Your hubby got a great buy and two They are wonderful and so are your doors.....

Tanza said...

OOooohhh ~r~, and Ooohh Mr. Steve
These are just BEAUTIFUL !! I'm sooo excited, and jumpimg in my chair .. It's DIVINE and Sooo Shabby BEAUTIFUL !! I can't believe the deal you got !! Amazing !! They look PERFECT, and I LoVe the daintiness in their sweet design .. Very feminine, and soo PERFECT to hold treasures .. You can see them this way too .. Ooohhh the Repasy looks PERFECT in her place !! that makes me sad tho, cuz I held that in my lil' hands, and picked it just for YOU !! Now, to see it soo far away, and you able to enjoy it without mee :(:( Can you EveN imagine if we lived close to one another, that could be dangerous !! I would be draggin' you everywhere, and there wouldn't be any money to save .. hahaha .. I get so excited to see all your pretty creations, and your hands and fingees make everything BEAUTIFUL !! And, your Mister Wonderful, is Sooo good to you .. I am soo happy for you, and my heart tickles everytime I visit your sweet place .. Now girly girl, go kick your heels up, and relax, just sit and stare at all the pretties around you .. And be nice to Love Bucket, he probably needs a good back and foot rub .. what a darlin' he truly is !! Standing ovation again, from me to you ~
Big sweet hugs ~tea~

Sue said...

Just loooved this story, so romantic!! the cabinet is beautiful, are you going to allow me to be jealous here.
And the french doors absolutely beautiful too. I agree great things happen to those who wait, just not to long lol . Isn't God's timing Perfect.
Thank you for sharing.
Blessings, Sue

Barb said...

Rebecca, your china cabinet is gorgeous....simply stunning.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment to me. How dear you are!

Love, Barb ♥

A Pretty Pastime said...

What a great story to end a great week. Thanks so much for sharing it.

The cabinets are beautiful. What a nice couple the two of you make.

All the best in 2010,


Cottage Rose said...

Hi Rebecca; OH OH;;; gasp!!!!!!!! I just love the two cabinets... and such a doozie of a deal... They look so beautiful,,you did an amazing job on them.. How sweet of him to surprise you,, love the doors too... Have a great week.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a great romantic Christmas story! The cabinets are just gorgeous!~Patti

Kim said...

What a delightfully sweet story! My hubby would have done the same for me. Such great men. And what a beautiful set of antique cabinets. I recently acquired a similar piece at a yard sale for only $40! I've been considering painting it white and now that I've seen your I'm definitely doing it. Stay tuned for the transformation!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

So romantic....but a little scary. You ALMOST didn't get it! Now you have wonderful memories everytime you look at it. Enjoy!

Lin said...

They are as beautiful as I imagined them to be! I love the french doors! They look just like mine!!!!

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Again, OMG !!! Those cabinets are so sweet, and you have given them your magic touch :) Your hubby is DEFINITELY a keeper :) Love the french doors; we have a newer set that separates our dining and living room. They aren't painted white, but are stained to match the woodwork in those 2 rooms. Would love to paint them white, but then they would look out of place, you know. Good luck with all the future plans of your dining room makeover. Can't wait to see more updated photos. Warmest, Brenda (shabbycatsandroses)

Martha's Favorites said...

Rebecca: How wonderful! You have two of them. God is so good. I love how your dining room is coming out. Can't wait to see it all done. Blessings, Martha

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that story. He is a keeper for sure. I do love what you have done. Congratulations. A good start for the new year. Blessings

Tara said...

You two are like two peas in a pod! Great minds think alike and all. What a sweet man to buy it for you, he must have known you would hesitate. It turned out beautifully. The new doorway looks amazing too. I love french doors. I hope you have a wonderful week Rebecca!

Pellie / Penny said...

Omg!!! Rebecca,
Your Cabinets are simply gorgeous.
Love the thoughtfulness of Mr, AGM,
even if it did freak you out a bit.
My hubby is real handy too, sure does save the budget to be able to do it your-self.
We have been looking for for French doors as well - haven't been as lucky as you.


Unknown said...

Oh they are all 3 just precious! Both the cabinets and MrAGPMan!!!!

Love them!! I have one a tad bit smaller than the the first (bigger one) and I painted it white too!!!! I love it and wish I had room for one in every room!!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca,
Happy New Year to you and your sweet family.
I love this story and so glad that you got both cabinets. I have to laugh, cause this is something my guy would do too. What glorius finds and I love them painted and displayed with your pretties.
Love the french doors. Simply divine.
Your home is such an inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. I have so enjoyed getting to know you this past year and look forward to many more visits in 2010. God Bless you with continued success, inspiration and always good health, happiness and much love.
Hugs and love to you,
Celestina Marie

A Southern Rose said...

I love both of your cabinets! They are so perfect for your home. Your dining room is going to be gorgeous! I love your new french doors too. I know that you are so excited about getting it all done. I can't wait to see the finished room!

Lee Laurie

P.S. Your hubby is so sweet!

nelda ream said...

What a guy! That is really a funny story. Thanks for sharing it. The cabinet turned out beautiful.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Rebecca!

Love the doors. Love the cabinets. As too!


Anonymous said...

You have got Talent Babe--
I love the tranformation created on the cabinets and french doors. Like you-- Steve strives for perfection. Thanks for sharing.
Love you-- Mom

Tina said...

Hi Rebecca
Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for entering my giveaway.
Love you blog
happy New year :D
~ Tina

Designs on 47th Street said...

Oh my goodness! what a GREAT story! I was sad for you and then I just had this feeling the ending might have a twist!! I'm so happy for you. It's beautiful! I had a similar story last year, only when they price came down and I hemmed and hahhed it sold right beneath me. :( Glad your story had a happy ending! What a nice husband!

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

OMG Miss Rebecca I feel sooooo happy for you...I have spent the past 1/2 hour just staring at your beautiful cabinets, grinning from ear to ear, even feeling thankful that these two stunning pieces have found their way into your home where they will be cherised & passed down. I know the feeling of hesitating & missing out something I have always put down to *not meant to be* I could even see you crying on the phone to your Hubby & imagined your joy when you found you had recieved not one but two cabinets! What ever you do DO NOT let this man go, you are sooo loved....

Lyn xxx

Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh, now you'll keep them *forever* with a sweet story like that...and your DH add-on comment is too cute!
I've always liked that style of cabinet and you've filled it up beautifully! Love the chandy too...I like that you've taken your living room to make room for your family..we're quickly out-growing our space and looking for creative ways to expand.
Happy New Year!

Linda said...

You don't want to hear this....I had that exact same cabinet and got rid of it! I sold my friend that cabinet and a matching buffet both for 200.00! BUT I kept the table and 8 chairs! DUMB now that I see how beautiful it is painted. I had it for at least 10 years and it was so big for my dining room! UGH

Unknown said...

Oh Rebecca, this is one of the sweetest stories ever!! I adore your husband, lol, what a sweetie!!! I LOVE what you did with the hutch!!! It is fabulous and will be perfect when you finish it.
Your home is so beautiful! I cant wait to see it finished :)
Big Hugs,

Darlene said...

Hi Rebecca,

LOVE the story and how wonderful that you got BOTH of those beautiful cabinets from your dear hubby. Perfect that he snatched them up before anyone else could!

Those doors are fabulous and beautiful. I would love to have that in my home. Hope you are having a wonderful week.♥

June said...

Rebecca sweet,I am gasping for air over here and I keep repeating 'thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet' IT'S NOT WORKING! I am SO in love! The only consolation to me is that they are sitting in your beautiful home and NOT some strangers. You have done amazing work on them as only you can.
I came over here to thank you for your beautiful words to me this morning and got surprised by all this beauty going on here. Your new room is going to be so awesome and I cannot wait for you to be sitting as a family enjoying it all.
I love you dear one!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

I love all of it!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.....and the story - this life is fun isn't it? !! Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

ohhhh gosh... great find and bargain! lucky you! i love both the furniture! all so gorgeous!.. love them all!

ShabbyBoutique said...

Rebecca, I just had to post a comment on this blurb. It about brought me to tears. Not in a bad way, but a good way. Your husband calling and buying it for you is exactly what my husband would do for me. And it makes me so happy to hear that others have that kind of relationship with their spouse or loved one. I went through a lot in my life before I came to the happy point I am in now because of my hubby. I have been with him 10 years and he has given me love and support and understanding that no one else ever has. It's amazing what one person can do for another and how it only takes one person to dramatically change a life.

Ever since meeting him I have wished that everyone could have a relationship like ours, it would make the world such a better place. So when I see/read that someone else has that type or relationship, it brings me tears of joy. I guess because I genuinely love people and always try to find the good in them, even the ones that aren't so nice.

Cherish that man and never let him forget how much you love him! I do the same for mine. :)

Hugs and Blessings,
Jewel ;o)

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