Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~UNSTABLE and HOW Did I Spell My Own Name?~

(Not In The Slightest)

This is not a joke! Not a funny one anyway


To be honest with you I'm just glad I'm not the kind of person who reads much into the
SUBTLE signs that take place around me.

And then again, maybe I should.

Take this
RANDOM Verification Word for instance. It came up yesterday as I was leaving a comment on Sissie's Blog...

Could it be? Did the computer screen really say

What???? WHAT????

I immediately blew off the thought..

That is until I looked closer at the screen, specifically at my signed comment, and realized I'd misspelled my own name.

I sat in total silence for a minute or two before asking my Mr.
AGPMan if what I had just read could possibly be true!

My husband of over 31 years just stared at me...

Just STARED straight away...

And for a long time, too.I won't be posting much more today. I've got to shop for a new computer monitor and run by Walgreen's to pick up some pain medication for my guy's very swollen face.

Love to you~Rebecca


Anonymous said...


This is my first time visiting your beautiful blog. I saw your comment on Karen's blog (Mom & Alzheimer's) and it tugged at my heart strings, if you read my post Bearings you will understand why. I will certainly be returning. Your blog is beautiful and a reflection of your talent.


Unknown said...

Chuckle! You brighten my day, Rebecca ... EVERY DAY, unstable or Rebeca or not ... NOT! You are a bright spot daily ................

Hope Steve gets better quickly.

Hugs & love, Marydon

Julie Marie said...

Oh Rebecca, that is too funny! I have found myself misspelling my own name too, because I usually type really fast. Luckily I have caught it before it got published! Sometimes the words really make me laugh... take care of Mr AGP! xoxo Julie Marie

Stephanie said...

Too funny!

I just saw your hearts and that MIRROR!!! It's beautiful! I can't believe you got it for twenty dollars. What a score! And BTW, anyone who can do what you did to that mirror cannot be unstable!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Love this "Rebeca". How often have I been typing and end up with Cebra. Just a little dip of the finger! LOL. I wanted to tell you also, how beautiful your mirror turned out. I have one similar that is screaming for a little paint.great technique. AND your sweet little pink hearts with all the glitter...they look good enough to eat!

~~Deby said...

ohhhh...those word verifications...can make you laugh...I have come up with some doozies....
nahhh...I don't see you as unstable...maybe unstoppable...
enjoy the fun of it..

Nanbon44 said...

I hope your husband is OK

Kim said...

Rebecca that's hilarious! I once did a post specifically on word verifications. Yesterday I had one that was "excon"! Ha! Oh, and no, I'm not!

Unknown said...

Oh Rebecca, haven't you realized yet that we are all a bit unstable. I, myself, am completely unstable...LOL
How fun would life be if we were all stable....
Hugs Friend,

Lisa said...

You know I've gotten a few of those that were a little spooky! I think you are fine. You seem to roll with the punches and that is all any of us can do. Hope your shopping is successful!
Hugs, Lisa
PS I type my letters in my name wrong all the time! hehe

Anonymous said...

I have never been one to "read" anything in signs of any kind. Mostly the words I get to verify are just plain jibberish!!

Char said...

Oh Rebecca, you would be surprised at some of the words that have come up for me to write. Sometimes I just laugh it off and sometimes, like you, I sit there and wonder about the computor and who does this to us.....hope Mr AGP man feels better soon, and oh, don't worry, it's not you and you are not alone, Char

Rebecca said...

Hi Rebecca crack me up! Maybe it comes with the name :) It's a rather long name and the b is positioned weird on the keyboard. At least those are my excuses...

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Rebeca! :o)

They do sometimes spell the funniest words, don't they?!?

I've always heard that admitting we have a problem is the first step.....LOL!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Sheila said...

your post was too funny. havent been blogging too much lately.. but yours is beatuiful, glad I happened upon it today. I especially like the Isaiah scripture you have posted. have a great day.

Unknown said...

Hey Sweetie!
Ya have me chuckling BIG time! I too have had some interesting to say the least words pop up...but like you did not give it too much thought! Hmmm maybe I should take more notice? lol

Hope your hubbys meds work fast and he feels better!

You are just the sweetest too...I also wish I lived closer I think we could be kindred spirits and have so much FUN!

Have a great day!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I'd like to thank you for the blog plug, but I'm so sorry that my word verification thingee called you unstable. That just wasn't very nice. I will speak to it immediately and it will not happen again! LOL

Anonymous said...

My keyboard is so old that I can hardly get a capital letter. Many times my QMM comes out qMM. I usually make a comment when I get a relative word verifications. That is too funny.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh No your starting to sound like me. Geez that is not good. lol
Enjoyed my vist over here. Sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope he is better soon.
Love your site

Dolores said...

Unstable you are NOT!!! You are a gifted...talented....sweet and loving ....mother, wife, grandmother and friend!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Word verifications can be really funny!

Tanza said...

Ooohhh ~r~ .. hahaha .. you crack me up !! I'm always offended by my word verification, one of mine was bitech ... WHAT ?! I think I EvEn talked back to it .. not sure .. hahaha .. you always crack me up !!
I sure hope you get to feeling better soon .. It's just plain ugly here today, soo I had to play with my PinK R toys .. You do bring me much joy !! Always finds something to make me smile, and/or better yet CRACK UP !!
You are the BeSt my friend, and I'm dying to see what you FOUND !!! You KNOW what this girlie LoVes :0
Feel better sweetie and give Mr. a smooch and hug from meee ~
huggers ~tea~xo

Tara said...

Oh too funny. I have had some doozies too. I once had "focking" on a very nice young Christian lady's blog. I had to giggle a little. Most of the time the verification words are nonsense, but it can give you a smile when you get a good one. About spelling your name wrong, I wouldn't worry, I'm sure the keys on the keyboard were temporarily in the wrong places and you just didn't notice! It was messin' with ya!

June said...

Rebecca love you crack me up. Or should I say Rebeca? I can count on you to make me laugh. Or cry for that matter.
I love your beautiful hearts in your previous post. Again I ask you, is there nothing that you can't make more beautiful?

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I just had to tell you, I just left a reply on some little sweeties blog.......and my verification word was..........

DINGAROT! Oh my gosh.


English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL!!! I have noticed that actual words for a time will show up and then the nonsense words will begin their cycle. Never have I had an "actual nonsense" word. Lucky you:-)

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