Friday, January 8, 2010

~TO MY BELOVED...Happy Birthday With Love~

~My Mr. AGPMan~

From the very beginning of your life you were beautiful.

And during all the years I've known you you've remained so.

I'm blessed you chose me. Blessed to call you mine.

Dating in 1977

The years are passing.

We've changed a lot.

We've both grown older.


You've been a loving, available, committed father.

What beautiful adults your children have become!

It is YOU they have risen up to call blessed!


From day one you've been an awesome husband.

I've never been afraid to face the world for you've always been right by my side.

Happy Birthday

I love how your once dark hair is now streaked with silver...

You were gorgeous when you were only 20~

But I think you are more handsome today!


I pray I will one day deserve you~



joanne said...

Happy Birthday Mr. AGPman! Beautiful post Rebecca...jj

Anne Lorys said...

What a wonderful post! And look how cute y'all were. Still are. :-)

Happy Birthday to your beloved!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

How wonderful that you still SO appreciate your love. HE is a handsome man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

My husband has gotten silver hair now too..and he is BETTER looking now I think as well.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your wonderful Mr.AGP man!! May he have a great one and many more to come!!
I loved your photos and tribute to him...
My husband, Richard, was born on January 8, 1934! He'd be 76! WOW!!
Love, Francy

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Happy Birthday to the Mr!! What a beautiful post. I too am blessed with a husband that I love to have at my side!!

Hugs, Sherry

The Green Pea said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your husband. May you both have a wonderful Day together. May God Bless you both for many more years together. sandi

Victorian1885 said...

Happy Bithday Mr. AGP! Enjoy your day!


Rita said...

Happy Birthday to your AGAP man! You are truly blessed to have a husband that you feel that way about!

Catherine said...

What a nice tribue to you AGPMan on his birthday! May he have many, many more!

Anonymous said...

How sweet, and very special.A very Happy Birthday to him and many more to come.

Somehow the dating pic looks alot like mine with my husband lol.His hair your Bless you both.By the way just wondering does he call you Beck?Cause my husband did as well. My family call me that as well.Except my mother.

chicroses said...

So sweet your sentiments about your hubby. Doesnt time pass quickly? Im not sure you have gone to my blog to look at my dh and my pic of us in 1972.I love looking at old pictures. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR other half..hugs Sally

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday to your sweetie!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Good morning Rebecca.....

Happy Birthday to Mr. AGP......what a nice looking fella he is!......and that would make you such a cute little couple....


Debra@CommonGround said...

Rebecca, this is so sweet, love that baby picture with the puppy on his shirt. You two are just a gorgeous couple! Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!

Tanza said...

Aaaahhh ... sniff sniff ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Steve ..
YEP !! You are quite awesome, and patient, hardworking, Mr. He can do everything, and with a smile, EvEn Better !! You too, always amaze me, and tickle my heart !! What other hubby would drive his sweet wife to meet mee~ for lunch, and sit there,and have to listen to us both talk a mile a minute, catching up, showing pics, watching videos .. drop us off shopping, catch up with us later, to check out pretties your wifey needs (wants), has to HaVe, "Will you make it fit in the car for the ride home?!" Of course you do .. You truley are wonderful, and I StiLL think you are the BeSt packer upper, send it to TeA FaSt, MaN EvEr .. Stuffing my boxes full, and NeVer complaing .. You have soo blessed my life as well, and my prayer for you this very day, is for you to feel blessed, Happy, may your day be filled with happines, and surprises..
I sure hope Sweet ~r~, let's you relax today, and not to many Babers, can you, will you ?! hahaha .. You just kick up your sweet feet, and relax .. Ooohhh, don't forget some yummy birthday cake, you can cheat today !!
You two are soo awesome, and this little Tea girl loves you both .. Blessings and LoVe this very day ~
Big hugs and smooches
~tea~ xo

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby...!!

Karen said...

What a beautiful and touching post you have written for your husband. Your both are truly blessed!
(Must admit that I have tears in my eyes.)
Ladybug Creek

Mr. AGP said...

My Darling Rebecca, I don't know what you could possibly mean by "deserve you". You are the light of my life. I am the lucky one here. You just get more and more beautiful with time and our love grows stronger and deeper as we go. (Which is a good thing considering some things, like a certain mountain pass we went over some years back. :-)) You are my everything, thank you for the wonderful post.



Andrea said...

Rebecca, I hope your husband has a beautifully blessed day! Today is also my mother's birthday!

Your tribute to him is so moving! You are both blessed to have each other. God is a good God!

I appreciate you very much, and, yes, I will certainly pray for you and will gratefully receive your prayers for me as well.

Take care, dear friend, and stay warm!!!

Much love,


GwendolynKay said...

What a sweet and beautiful post for your hubby. I have been wondering for a while what APG stands for.....
The Way We Were... that is one of my faves too. Thanks for coming by. I always appreciate your visits.

GwendolynKay said...

I just figured it out.. AGP ... a gathering place... Am I slow or what?

Anonymous said...

My hubby's birthday is tomorrow and I feel the same way about him. Aren't we blessed?! Hope your day is special together.

Many blessings,

BellaRosa said...

Rebecca, how gorgeous you two look together...and your right, I think he looks rather dapper and so good looking with the silver (course I am partial to silver, my mr wonderful has it too and even though I tease him that I am going to dye it when he is sleepin...I actually love it!..Happy Birthday to your LOVE :) Besos, Rose

Miss Jean said...

A Happy Birthday to your hubs!

admin said...

love the b/w photo booth pics! happy birthday steve!!!!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby. Love the "older" pictures. You two were soooo cute.

What a beautiful tribute to your love.
Hugs, Sue

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Mr. AGPMan....Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Warmest, Brenda (shabbycatsandroses)

Elyse said...

aw, what a sweet and heartfelt valentine to your hubby!

happy birthday!


Dolores said...

Oh, I love, love, love the photos!! You and your hubby looked wonderful way back 'when', but I've gotta say that both of you have gotten better and better...... HANDSOME AND GORGEOUS!

The relationship you share with one another is so honest and sweet!!!

Beautiful post!
Happy Birthday wishes!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Rebecca, I don't think AGPMan has hardly changed at all since that top picture was taken! Still has that cute baby face! LOVED the pictures of you two! A match made in heaven, to be sure! :) Your love for him shows, Rebecca, and I love that it does. Treasure every single moment!!

Ginny said...

Those were such beautiful words to your husband! I just found your blog through Blushing Rose. I wanted to say that I have a daughter whose name is Adrienne. She is 35 and so so special to us!

Beach House 27 said...

Hi Rebecca -
Great loving post - Happy Bd Mr AGPMan!
Love those 70's photos -


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Ahhh I have been waiting for this post & you have out done yourself again... the love you feel for each other can be felt with each word you have written.... did you give him my kiss & cuddle???? ha ha

Happy Birthday Steve from *down under*

Lyn xxx

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Mr. AGP man!!! Rebecca you are so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving marriage. Those don't come very often. I can see by reading his post he is deeply in love with you. May you both be blessed, as I know you are.

Rebecca your heart button pillow is beautiful.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a loving birthday tribute! I join the others in wishing your very sweet husband a Happy Birthday! And I think the best birthday present he ever got was YOU and YOUR LOVE! :-)



Barb said...

Sweet Rebecca, happy birthday to your darling. May God richly bless you both.

Blessings and love, Barb ♥

Barb said...

Rebecca, I'm always rushing and almost missed the pillow you are showing at the top of your blog. It took my breath. I love, love, love the heart of buttons.

Soooooo pretty! Barb ♥

Cottage Rose said...

OH how Sweet your Birthday Tribute to your Husband.. Love the photos, you two sure make a lovely pair.. Sure are a lot of Birthdays this month,,lol... Happy Birthday to your Husband... have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

The photos are great. I have never seen the one of Steve as a little tot. Cute!
Hugs-- Mom

Tara said...

The happiest of Birthday wishes for your handsome husband!

Unknown said...

I just love your sweet romance. Your post and Mr. AGP's response brought tears to my eyes. Happy B'day Mr. AGP and many more!

Sue said...

Hi Rebeca,
Belated, but Happy Birthday wishes to your AGB-man, and this is such a sweet and loving tribute, may he have many more. Isn't it fun to grow up with and grow older with someone that you love so much. I know I met my sweetie when I was 13 yrs.

I also enjoyed your two previous post Rebecca, especially you sharing your heart to know God more. As I have traveled through this neighborhood known as blogland this new 2010, I find that seems to be the heart cry of so many women, as well as mine. I find this so refreshing.
Thank you for sharing your heart.

Unknown said...

Ohhhh, ahhhh!, Rebecca!! Your pictures melt with love ...

Happy birthday to your wonderful Mr. AGPMan ... what a lucky man he is to have you; & you him. You make one 'champagne' couple, the love stretches out into the world for all to enjoy.

You'd better 'hide' Steve, women are going to be lookin' for this looker! Chuckle!!

Happy birthday, Steve, may you enjoy your day & have many more to relish ...
Hugs of love, Marydon

fannipauline said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Mr AGP. May you live to have many, many more. My hubby passed away over 4 years ago and I still feel his love and strength. My life has never been the same, but with God at my side I am surviving and I have a wonderful and loving family that is always there. I "talk" with Troy everyday and he is never far from me.....He was my soul mate and my love forever and ever....Pauline

nancarts said...

Hi Rebecca..just found you from the Feathered Nest and your pics are amazing! You are a beautiful couple. Will be back to visit your lovely blog.
Smiles and Blessings,
Nancy C

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